Codex DNA is helping fight SARS-CoV-2

"I ordered gene fragments on the BioXp™ reagent ordering portal, completed construction of five vaccine candidates against SARS-CoV-2, sequence-verified, manufactured RNA for animal testing, and immunized mice in just eight days."

—  Jesse Erasmus, PhD | University of Washington


Build biology in your lab in hours

"Thanks to the BioXp™ system, the time required to go from understanding and ordering a digital sequence to functional testing of a given TCR has gone from over three weeks to under three days — I am amazed and grateful."

  Stephen Schoenberger, PhD   |  La Jolla Institute of Immunology


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Advancing biologics discovery

Learn how our push-button walk-away automation of DNA synthesis enables scientists to rapidly iterate and discover in the field of antibody engineering

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"The most innovative competent cells product since the discovery of E. coli"

Goodbye, E. coli


Build biology faster


2018 TED Talk

Watch Dan Gibson

Our Chief Technology Officer introduces the world’s first and only automated platform for personalized medicine and distributed vaccine manufacturing

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